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Defective 3M Earplugs Associated With Tinnitus in Military Veterans

When you’re in the military, you can be exposed to some incredibly harmful levels of noise. Between weapon systems and explosions, many believe that individuals in the military are exposed to the “most intense sounds that can be found in any occupation.” That’s why, as part of their standard-issue equipment, servicemen and servicewomen receive earplugs…. read more

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Depositions Reveal No Proof 3M Warned Military of Earplug Defect and Fix

More and more military veterans are filing lawsuits against 3M, alleging that the company knowingly sold the military defective earplugs. In turn, the veterans claim that they have sustained significant injuries – ranging from tinnitus to complete hearing loss. Despite the fact that 3M agreed to pay more than $9.1 million to the government to… read more

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Federal Judge Considering Competing Motions in 3M Injury Case 

Thousands of lawsuits accuse 3M of selling defective earplugs to the United States military. Now a federal court judge in Pensacola, Florida is being asked to weigh in on the matter. Both 3M and the plaintiff in one case have filed motions for summary judgment. Essentially, this is a request to have the judge end… read more

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Criminal Penalties in Opioid Cases

The growing use and addition of opioids has been declared an epidemic. The rate of hospitalizations, deaths, and arrests relating to the drug continues to grow exponentially. There have been efforts to combat this by both the federal government and states by limiting opioid prescriptions, monitoring and even suing some pharmaceutical companies, and giving harsher… read more

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Do I Need Hernia Mesh? Are There Any Alternatives?

A hernia is basically a small soft bulge in your abdomen, groin, or chest. An organ begins to push through a weakened area of the soft tissue or muscle that’s supposed to hold it in place. If you suffer from a hernia, you may experience significant pain and find that you have difficulty going about… read more

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Man Blames Injuries on Defective Zimmer M/L Taper Hip System

Robert Flick underwent two hip replacement surgeries. The first one was supposed to eliminate his pain and help with his hip issues. However, this implant turned into a nightmare. It gave him even more debilitating pain and other long-term complications. His second surgery was necessary to correct his first one. After the second surgery, he… read more

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