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Sanofi Reportedly Destroyed Emails Related to Zantac Safety Recall

In recent court filings, the plaintiffs allege Sanofi destroyed emails regarding a 2019 recall of Zantac, a popular heartburn medication. Zantac was used to treat a variety of conditions in addition to heartburn, including GERD, acid reflux, and ulcers. The emails include emails from Michael Bailey, the head of regulatory affairs for Sanofi’s U.S. Consumer… read more

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How Long After Surgery Can Hernia Mesh Complications Happen?

Hernia mesh complications can arise months or even years after a hernia mesh procedure. In some cases, patients did not develop symptoms of hernia mesh injuries until five years after their surgery. Once they begin, negative symptoms related to hernia mesh complications can last for many years. What Type of Delayed or Long-Term Complications Can… read more

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Everything You Need to Know About the Zantac MDL

Many people have heard about the Zantac lawsuits but may not understand why plaintiffs are filing them. Some may wonder if they should file a lawsuit after taking Zantac or one of the generic forms of ranitidine. If you have questions about the Zantac recall or Zantac claims, we invite you to reach out to… read more

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What Hernia Mesh Devices Have Been Recalled?

Numerous hernia mesh devices or products have been recalled. Beginning in 2005 and going through March 2019, hundreds of thousands of units of hernia mesh devices have been recalled. The list below contains the product names of many of the recalled hernia mesh devices: Atrium C-QUR TacShield Gentrix Surgical Matrix Atrium Medical C-QUR Mesh Atrium ProLite… read more

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Who Can I Sue if I Suffer a Hernia Mesh Injury?

If you suffer a hernia mesh injury, you may have one or more causes of action for damages against the hernia mesh manufacturer. In some cases, patients with hernia mesh injuries may have claims against their surgeon or another medical provider. However, most claims involve allegations of negligence and wrongdoing against the hernia mesh manufacturers…. read more

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Research Suggests Paraquat Users 2 – 2.5 Times More Likely to Develop Parkinson’s Disease

Research from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) indicates that exposure to certain pesticides can more than double the risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease. Individuals exposed to these pesticides might have an injury claim against the manufacturer and other parties. Victims with Parkinson’s Disease may be entitled to substantial compensation if their condition… read more

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