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Bayer Faces an Increasing Number of Lawsuits From Hawaiian Plaintiffs

Hawaii will become the next state to pile on lawsuits against Monsanto and its Roundup pesticide. Attorneys recently filed both federal and state product liability suits against the company. They claim their clients developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma after using the pesticide Roundup. The lawsuits follow similar suits across the country. Roundup Lawsuits in Hawaii Attorneys Michael… read more

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Johnson & Johnson Denied Request to Transfer Talc Lawsuits to Federal Court

Over the past few years, Johnson & Johnson has been named in more than 14,000 different talc powder injury lawsuits. In spring, the company requested that 2,400 of these cases be moved from state court to federal court. In July, Judge Maryellen Noreika denied the request. She ruled that the cases must remain in state… read more

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Proton Pump Inhibitors May Increase the Risk of Developing Allergies

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are some of the most widely used medications in the United States and throughout the world. Although drugs like Prevacid, Prilosec, and Nexium have proven helpful to individuals with indigestion and peptic ulcers, they can also have some dangerous side effects. A recent study published in the Nature Communications journal found… read more

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Can Medical Device Companies Face Criminal Charges For Product-Related Deaths?

Many studies show that IVC filters are associated with an increased risk of death, particularly among elderly patients. Family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit in an attempt to hold medical device manufacturers responsible for their loved one’s death. Beyond potential financial liability for a defective product that allegedly causes debilitating injuries and deaths,… read more

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Defective Combat Earplugs Are Causing Military Vets a Range of Long-Term Problems

U.S. Military veterans are filing lawsuits across the country over faulty earplugs that put them at risk of long-term health problems. The earplugs in question are the Combat Arms Earplugs developed and manufactured by 3M. The company designed these dual-sided earplugs to dampen high-intensity combat noise. They were also supposed to allow the sound of… read more

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Former NFL Star Files Roundup Injury Lawsuit After Cancer Diagnosis

Merril Hoge, a former running back in the NFL, is among those who believe that Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer causes cancer. Earlier this month, Hoge formally filed a Roundup injury lawsuit against Monsanto – now Bayer. In the lawsuit, he, like many others, not only claims that Roundup is carcinogenic, but that the company knew… read more

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