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Do I Need Hernia Mesh? Are There Any Alternatives?

A hernia is basically a small soft bulge in your abdomen, groin, or chest. An organ begins to push through a weakened area of the soft tissue or muscle that’s supposed to hold it in place. If you suffer from a hernia, you may experience significant pain and find that you have difficulty going about… read more

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Man Blames Injuries on Defective Zimmer M/L Taper Hip System

Robert Flick underwent two hip replacement surgeries. The first one was supposed to eliminate his pain and help with his hip issues. However, this implant turned into a nightmare. It gave him even more debilitating pain and other long-term complications. His second surgery was necessary to correct his first one. After the second surgery, he… read more

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Stryker Tritanium Hip Implants Loosening According to NYU Medical Study

A hip implant is a medical device that is placed in the hip region. The purpose of it is to restore function to the hip and allow for more mobility and stability. It also helps with arthritis, injuries to the hip area, and hip degeneration and disease. Several factors can influence the outcome and success… read more

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Study Shows Juul Vape Pens Deliver More Nicotine Than Cigarettes

Results of a recent study show that Juul vape pens are more dangerous and have a higher potential for addiction and abuse than the company let on. Juul marketed its vaping devices as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, it turns out that this might not be true. The study found that Juul’s devices… read more

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Several Kentucky School Districts Sue Juul Over Vaping Crisis

Juul used deceptive marketing practices to encourage teenagers and adolescents to use their vaping products. At least, that’s what several school districts in Kentucky are claiming in a new multidistrict lawsuit. Earlier this week, Jessamine County became the fifth in Kentucky – along with Jefferson, Fayette, Bullitt, and Marion counties – to initiate legal proceedings… read more

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More Than 40,000 Roundup Injury Lawsuits Pending

When Bayer purchased Monsanto for $63 Million, it probably never imagined a future where it would be defending itself in more than 40,000 lawsuits. However, that’s precisely where Bayer finds itself today.  According to a report by The Pre Settlement Funding Company, more than 40,000 individuals have filed Roundup injury lawsuits. Those lawsuits claim, among… read more

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