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Why Are Members of the US Military Seeking Damages from 3M?

The military distributed 3M dual-ended Combat Arms Earplugs, Version 2 (CAEv2) to its service members because the manufacturer designed them to protect users from loud noises while still allowing low-level sounds like footsteps and verbal commands to come through.

For these earplugs to perform their function, they must form a protective seal in the user’s ear canal.

Unfortunately, the products made by the 3M Company were defective and could only accomplish this goal for a short time.

When researchers analyzed the dual-ended Combat Arms earplugs, they found that they had a tendency to fail and become loose in the user’s ear after being worn a few times.

As a result, high levels of noise would enter the wearer’s ear – causing them to experience hearing damage.

Most of the service members who are filing suit against 3M have one of the following ear injuries:

Were you recently diagnosed with one of these ear injuries after using 3M earplugs while enlisted in the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force? If so, you might be able to sue the manufacturer to recover the damages needed to pay for your medical bills and other expenses.

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Who is Eligible to Pursue a Compensation Claim Against 3M?

Anyone who served in the military between 2003 and 2015 can take legal action against the 3M Company if they:

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How Many Personal Injury Claims Have Victims Filed Against 3M?


It is impossible to tell how many victims have filed suit against 3M due to a design defect in its dual-ended Combat Arms earplugs.

The Department of Justice has never released a breakdown of the cases.

However, it is widely accepted that the 3M lawsuit is the largest mass tort in US history.

Many lawyers estimate that more than 100,000 veterans are currently taking legal action against the Minnesota-based manufacturer.

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Has Anyone Received a Settlement in a 3M Earplug Lawsuit Case?

Lawsuit SettlementAt present, almost all of the lawsuits filed by service members against 3M are working their way through multidistrict litigation in Northern Florida under the supervision of Judge M. Casey Rodgers.

As a result, no injured parties have received a settlement from the manufacturer to date.

3M Company has had to pay compensation to the federal government for its negligent actions, though.

In July 2018, the Minnesota-based business agreed to pay $9.1 million to resolve allegations that it knowingly sold and distributed defective earplugs to military personnel.

Unfortunately, the money collected at the conclusion of this claim did not go to injured veterans. Instead, it went to the government, specifically the Justice Department.

How Long is it Likely to Take Before Someone Settles a 3M Lawsuit?

There is no way to know how long it will take before a US service member settles their personal injury claim with the 3M Company.

However, it does not seem likely to happen until the second half of 2021 at the earliest.

The majority of these earplug lawsuits are in the pre-trial discovery phase of the litigation process.

They are likely to remain in this stage until one or two claims move forward as bellwether trials.

The outcome of those bellwether cases is likely to have a huge bearing on the length of time other plaintiffs will have to wait for their settlement.

If the court rules that the 3M Company is liable for damages and directs it to pay a substantial amount of compensation, it is likely that the group will push for a global settlement of all earplug cases fairly quickly.

On the other hand, if 3M wins the initial lawsuits, every plaintiff is likely to have to make their own case in court, an issue that is sure to increase the amount of time they have to wait to receive a settlement.

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How Can an Attorney Help Injured Soldiers Pursue a Settlement from 3M?

Though no service members have yet received a settlement from 3M for their tinnitus or hearing loss, it is still possible for injured veterans to sue the Minnesota-based manufacturer.

Anyone who wishes to do so should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to aid them with the process.

A skilled attorney can help injured veterans pursue settlements by:

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How Much Compensation Are 3M Earplug Victims Likely to Receive?

It is not possible to predict precisely how much compensation US service members who suffered problems like hearing loss and tinnitus after using defective dual-ended Combat Arms earplugs will be able to recover once their suits draw to a close.

However, the size of their eventual settlement is likely to depend on factors like:

Most injured military personnel will likely be able to recover compensation for their:

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Could a 3M Earplug Settlement Impact a Victim’s Disability Benefits?

Hearing AidMany of the service members who have filed lawsuits against 3M receive disability benefits because of their hearing issues.

For the vast majority of these people, receiving a settlement or compensatory award is unlikely to have any impact on their ability to continue to collect their benefits.

However, this general statement might not hold true for all of the victims.

Some injured veterans could lose their disability benefits if they claim any compensation from the 3M Company.

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