CPAP and Sleep Apnea Machine LawsuitsHave you suffered an illness due to using a CPAP or sleep apnea machine? Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and other breathing devices made by Philips Respironics have been recalled due to serious risk of harm from dangerous materials they contain. Rosen Injury Lawyers can help you understand what this means for you.

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If you’ve used one of the affected machines and are experiencing health problems, Rosen Injury Lawyers can help determine whether you can file a CPAP and sleep apnea machine lawsuit. 

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How Rosen Injury Lawyers Can Help After Suffering a CPAP and Sleep Apnea Machine Sickness

There is no excuse for a company that is supposed to help people suffering from breathing to put a product on the market that causes them harm. Our experienced mass tort injury lawyers have over half a century of combined experience fighting for victims of illness and injury caused by defective products.

When you let us handle your case, we’ll:

We put all of our resources behind your case to get you the best possible result. When a company you trusted to help ease a medical condition has instead caused you serious illness, they need to be held accountable. Contact us today to let us get started fighting for you.

What Are CPAP and Sleep Apnea Machines?

These machines are designed to help you breathe. They are primarily used to treat sleep apnea by helping you breathe while you’re sleeping. Which machine you might use depends on the severity of your sleep apnea. Some of these machines may also be used to treat COPD.

A CPAP machine keeps your airway open by providing a steady stream of air through a mask as you inhale.

A bilevel positive airway pressure (also known as BiPAP, BiLevel PAP, or BPAP) machine pumps air under pressure into the airway of the lungs as you both inhale and exhale.

A continuous ventilator mechanically controls or assists your breathing by delivering a set percentage of oxygen in the breathing gas. 

Why Are People Filing CPAP and Sleep Apnea Machine Lawsuits?

Lawsuits have been filed in connection with health hazards caused by using certain Philips ventilators, CPAP machines, and BiPAP machines. 

The Health Risk

Health risks are caused by the polyester-based polyurethane (PE-PUR) sound abatement foam, which Philips used to reduce sound and vibration in the affected devices. Hazards are caused when the PE-PUR foam breaks down or off-gases toxic chemicals into the breathing airway of the machine.

In June 2021, Philips issued a recall notice for certain machines, acknowledging that the hazardous foam could cause life-threatening or permanent injuries. 

The recall is considered a Class I recall by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) due to the potential for serious injury or death.

CPAP Lawsuits

Some people are filing lawsuits based on inconvenience and costs associated with the fact that they can no longer use the breathing machines due to the recall. Other people are alleging injuries due to using the machines.

Shortly after the CPAP machine recall, several class-action lawsuits were filed in various states due to people not being able to use their machines or having to purchase replacement machines.

Other individual lawsuits have been filed alleging personal injuries. Some lawsuits may contain a combination of both issues. It’s still early in the process and there will no doubt be more lawsuits to come.

What’s the Status of CPAP and Sleep Apnea Machine Lawsuits?

The lawsuits are still in the very early stages. As of early October 2021, more than 110 federal lawsuits have been filed in connection with the hazardous machines.

Those lawsuits were consolidated into Multidistrict Litigation, which combines certain procedural aspects of similar cases before one judge to allow them to proceed through the court system more efficiently.

Once the first few cases are heard, it gives the rest of the plaintiffs an idea of how the cases might shake out. It can affect settlement negotiations and help you determine how to proceed.

It’s very likely that the number of personal injury lawsuits will increase substantially as more people get documentation together and map out their legal options with their attorneys.

What Injuries Are Caused by Recalled Philips CPAP and Sleep Apnea Machines?

The PE-PUR foam in Philips sleep apnea machines can cause serious injury in two ways:

The foam degradation may be exacerbated by high heat and high humidity environments. It may also be made worse by using unapproved cleaning methods, such as ozone.

The potential risks of exposure to PE-PUR particles include:

Philips has already received complaints about the presence of black particles within the device’s air pathway from users of the affected devices.

The potential risk of inhaling other chemicals released by the PE-PUR include:

Even if the material doesn’t break down, it can be harmful due to toxic fumes that are released.

Which CPAP and Sleep Apnea Machines Are Included in the Lawsuits?

The affected breathing devices were manufactured by Philips Respironics between 2009 and April 26, 2021. The recall affects 3 to 4 million machines, about half of which are in use in the United States. You can check the Philips website to confirm whether your device is affected. 

CPAP and Bi-level BAP Machines

The following CPAP and BiPAP machines are included in the recall:

If you’ve used any of these machines and are experiencing illness, it’s worth it to contact a mass torts lawyer to see if you could have a valid case.


The following ventilators are included in the recall:

Many people think of ventilators as huge machines used only in hospitals. But this isn’t always the case. Some are smaller and portable. These are more often used in treating COPD.

I Have a CPAP or Sleep Apnea Machine – Can I File a Lawsuit?

Maybe, but it’s not that simple. 

You may be able to file a lawsuit if:

If you have experienced illness or sickness after using one of the recalled sleep apnea devices (or any medical device for that matter), keep detailed records of your purchase of the machine and all of your medical treatment.

The lawsuit will be considered a product liability case. These cases are incredibly complex. What’s involved if you file a claim will be based on the specific facts of your case.

The cases already filed seek damages based on:

We exclusively handle cases involving defective products. We know the complexities of these cases, and we routinely achieve outstanding results for our clients. We’ll evaluate your case for free and give you our honest assessment of whether you have a valid case.

What Damages Could I Get in a CPAP or Sleep Apnea Machine Lawsuit?

You can seek damages to compensate you for direct financial costs related to injuries or illnesses caused by the CPAP or sleep apnea machine (economic damages). You can also seek damages for intangible losses such as pain and suffering (non-economic damages).

Economic damages cover things like:

Non-economic damages cover losses without a specific price tag, such as:

These are more subjective losses, but they often have a devastating impact on your quality of life.

Punitive damages may be available. These are damages that don’t compensate you, but instead punish the defendant for severely harmful behavior. While punitive damages are generally rare, it’s possible they could be appropriate in these lawsuits if Philips knew the material they were using was harmful and continued using it.

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