Have you or a loved one suffered maculopathy, blindness, or other eye disorders after taking Elmiron? Did you know that you might be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and suffering? It’s true. Elmiron lawsuits are being filed across the country.

Injured Elmiron users like you are claiming that the manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, failed to warn about the potential risk of vision problems. And, now they’re demanding that the manufacturer be held legally and financially responsible for the harm the drug has caused.

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Why Are People Filing Elmiron Lawsuits?

Elmiron (pentosan polysulfate sodium) is a prescription medication that’s been used as a treatment for a lot of different health issues. Most often, Elmiron is used to combat interstitial cystitis, which is also known as painful bladder syndrome. Other times, it’s used as an anticoagulant or to treat osteoarthritis in dogs and horses.

If you’ve been prescribed Elmiron for a bladder condition, you’d probably be surprised if you began to have trouble seeing. However, that’s what many Elmiron users are reporting. And, there’s evidence to suggest that long-term Elmiron use is associated with ocular toxicity and irreversible damage to the eyes.

This, however, was not one of the side effects or potential risks Janssen Pharmaceuticals warned about when advertising the drug.

So, individuals who have suffered devastating eye injuries after taking Elmiron are filing lawsuits against the manufacturer, alleging that the company:

To date, thousands of complaints are under investigation.

How Do I Know If I Have an Elmiron Lawsuit?

The only way to know if you have a legitimate Elmiron lawsuit is by discussing the details of your case with an experienced mass torts lawyer. You should not hesitate to contact Rosen Injury Lawyers for a free consultation if:

Reach out to our qualified Elmiron injury lawyers to arrange a time to sit down and discuss your case. Our team will listen to your side of the story, review the facts and circumstances, and help you understand what legal options might be available to you at this time. If you qualify to file an injury claim against the manufacturer, we will stand by your side and help you fight to maximize your financial recovery.

What is Elmiron?

Elmiron has been on the market for decades. It was first approved for use by the FDA back in the 1990s. Today, it’s one of the only treatments for interstitial cystitis. Interstitial cystitis is a chronic bladder condition, often referred to as bladder pain syndrome, chronic pelvic pain, and painful bladder syndrome. The condition, which affects between 4 and 12 million Americans, is associated with pelvic pain and overwhelming, recurrent urges to urinate.

Taking Elmiron has been shown to help mitigate interstitial cystitis. In some cases, patients begin to experience relief within three to four weeks. Others see improvement between six and nine months after beginning the medication protocol. Most Elmiron users take the medication every single day for years – even decades.

And, it’s this long-term use that might be incredibly dangerous.

Studies Show Long-Term Elmiron Use Linked to Maculopathy

Beginning in 2018, researchers began to discover that taking Elmiron for long periods of time might be cause for concern. Studies showed a link between Elmiron and eye injuries, specifically ocular toxicity and pigmentary maculopathy.

May 2018:  A study of six adults shows that chronic exposure caused pigmentary maculopathy. This is a type of maculopathy unique to Elmiron exposure, where the layer of cells that nourishes the retina become damaged.

October 2019: Researchers discovered that ocular toxicity was more prevalent in individuals who took Elmiron (or its generic equivalent) for long periods of time.

January 2020: Research suggests that individuals who take high doses of Elmiron (or its generic equivalent) for long periods of time are more likely than others to develop ocular toxicity and permanent eye injuries.

This is just a sampling of the evidence that’s out there to suggest that taking Elmiron for long periods of time might cause extensive and devastating eye injuries.

What Eye Injuries Are Associated With Elmiron?

According to Janssen Pharmaceuticals – which is owned by Johnson & Johnson – Elmiron doesn’t carry a risk of eye damage and injuries. At least, there’s nothing to that effect in any inserts or prescribing information. However, Elmiron patient testimonials and scientific studies tell a different story. Eye conditions and injuries that have been connected to Elmiron and other Elmiron side effects include:

The good news is that eye damage caused by Elmiron can usually be treated and reversed if it’s caught early. So, if you begin to have trouble seeing or experience any eye problems while taking Elmiron – or shortly after discontinuing use of the drug – seek medical attention immediately. Prompt care could be the difference between a minor setback and permanent eye damage and vision loss.

What Damages Are Available to Elmiron Victims?

You suffered from a painful bladder condition. So, your doctor prescribed Elmiron. You weren’t told that taking the drug – especially for a long period of time – could threaten your ability to see. You weren’t told because the pharmaceutical company never disclosed that to you or your doctor.

Now you’re faced with a reality in which you may not be able to see or struggle with chronic vision problems. That’s not something you should have to deal with on your own. And, by filing an Elmiron lawsuit, you might not have to. You can ask to have the manufacturer held legally and financially accountable for your injuries and suffering.

At Rosen Injury Lawyers, our Elmiron injury attorneys are prepared to help you fight to recover all of the monetary damages you need and deserve. This could include money for:

Our attorneys will work to negotiate a meaningful settlement on your behalf. However, we’ll prepare your case as if we’re definitely going to trial. We’ll be ready for whatever challenges Janssen Pharmaceuticals poses during the course of your injury claim.

How Long Do I Have to File an Elmiron Lawsuit?

If you’ve suffered an eye injury while taking Elmiron, you may be entitled to compensation. However, you won’t have an unlimited amount of time to file a lawsuit and hold the pharmaceutical company responsible. An invisible clock – known as a statute of limitations – will begin to run the moment you get hurt or discover your injury, whichever is later.

The statute of limitations will depend on the specific laws of your state. Elmiron lawsuits fall under the umbrella of product liability. States have different rules regarding timelines for product liability lawsuits. The best course of action is to consult an experienced Elmiron personal injury lawyer as soon as you learn about your injury.

Let Our Lawyers Help You File an Elmiron Injury Lawsuit

Pharmaceutical companies have to do their best to create and distribute safe drugs. If they know, or should have reason to know, that a drug poses certain risks or dangers, that information has to be passed along to doctors and patients. It absolutely must. If drug companies withhold important information, it deprives patients of the right to make informed decisions about their health. When that happens, injuries can and do occur.

To Rosen Injury Lawyers, the fact that Janssen Pharmaceuticals didn’t warn about the potential risk for developing eye injuries when taking Elmiron is simply unacceptable. The fact that the company might have actively and intentionally hidden this information makes it even worse. If you’ve been injured because of Janssen’s defective drug Elmiron, please contact our mass tort attorneys. We’ll help you fight to hold the drug company fully accountable for your harm and suffering.

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