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Did you see a commercial about hip implant lawsuits? In the last two decades, thousands of patients have filed suit against prominent medical device manufacturers, accusing companies from DePuy Synthes to Zimmer of marketing defective hip replacement products. Most of the TV ads currently running focus on Stryker, a Fortune 500 company based in Michigan. Many commercials instruct patients who suffered severe hip implant complications to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

TV Ads Note Growing Stryker Hip Replacement Litigation

Stryker issued a voluntary recall for one of its hip implant devices, the LFIT V40 Femoral Head, back in 2016. As Stryker noted at the time, the implant component had been linked in patient complaints to a high risk of premature failure.

Hip replacement systems are meant to last for between 15 and 20 years on average, but Stryker’s product was failing much quicker than that. In some patients, the device actually broke apart inside the hip, leaving them with chronic pain and limited mobility.

In other cases, people began to develop strange tissue reactions near the device’s site of implantation. After the implants were removed, surgeons found extensive evidence of metal corrosion that had led to widespread tissue death, extreme discomfort and, in many cases, a premature device failure.

Why Are Patients Suing Stryker?

So Stryker withdrew the LFIT V40 Femoral Head from the market, asking surgeons around the globe to stop using the device immediately and return it. In all, Stryker recalled over 42,000 implant components, the Food & Drug Administration, but that still left tens of thousands of potentially-defective hip implants inside of patients.

Now, many of those people have decided to step forward, filing product liability lawsuits against Stryker and demanding financial compensation for their injuries.

In their lawsuits, the patients accuse Stryker of downplaying the LFIT V40’s risks and issuing an insufficient recall. Stryker failed to warn the public, the plaintiffs claim, allowing unsuspecting patients to experience horrific complications from a defective device.

Stryker’s Past Hip Replacement Settlements

This isn’t the first time Stryker has come under fire over alleged product defects. Last year, the company finalized a second settlement agreement for two other hip replacement systems, Rejuvenate and ABG II.

After both of the implants were recalled, thousands of patients filed suit, claiming to have suffered severe hip replacement-related injuries. Eventually, the claims were consolidated, sent to a federal court in Minnesota for coordinated proceedings.

Even before the first trial was held, Stryker decided to enter a settlement agreement, offering the consolidated plaintiffs a total of $1 billion in compensation. That number was augmented by another $1 billion after thousands of other injured patients came forward with their own stories of Rejuvenate and ABG II complications.

Who Can File A Stryker Hip Implant Lawsuit?

Now, the whole process is starting again, but this time, the LFIT V40 Femoral Head is at the center of litigation. As of March 2018, over 100 LFIT V40 lawsuits have been consolidated in a New Jersey state court. More than 200 federal lawsuits filed over the hip implant are centralized in the US District Court of Minnesota.

Legal experts believe that thousands of other patients may still be able to join the growing LFIT V40 litigation. If you or a loved one suffered complications after receiving a Stryker-made hip implant, our attorneys want to hear your story. Eligible patients may be able to pursue substantial financial compensation.

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