Proton pump inhibitors can help manage your heartburn, but research now shows that the risks associated with these drugs may outweigh the benefits. Thousands of Nexium, Prilosec, Dexilant, and Prevacid users have already filed lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for failing to disclose these risks. You may also have the grounds to file a lawsuit if you’ve also suffered complications while taking or after using proton pump inhibitors.

Only an experienced PPI injury lawyer will be able to determine whether or not you have a legitimate case. There are certain factors that we will be searching for when we review your case. You may have a valid proton pump inhibitor lawsuit if:

You took a proton pump inhibitor to treat:


You developed any of the following complications:

Damage to the kidneys can do irreparable harm to your health. You may require extensive and costly medical care and surgical intervention. If your kidneys fail, you might also need to receive dialysis treatments for the rest of your life. Taking a heartburn medication shouldn’t inflict so much harm.

You shouldn’t have to carry the costs and burdens of your injury on your own. Filing a lawsuit against a drug company can allow you to recover much-needed compensation. Contact Rosen Injury Lawyers to get started on your PPI injury case today.