What Potential Long Term Consequences Could Zantac Cause?

Maybe you’ve heard of lawsuits against the manufacturer of the dangerous drug Zantac. You’ve taken Zantac in the past and you’re wondering whether you’re at risk from using a defective drug. Zantac (ranitidine), a popular over-the-counter antacid drug was recalled by the FDA in 2019 due to a link between the drug and the cancer-causing… read more

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Zantac Injury Lawsuits: What’s NDMA?

By now, the story is predictable. A trusted drug, previously approved by the FDA, now found to cause unspeakable harm. Drugs used to treat obesity, later found to cause heart defects. Drugs used for pain relief later found to be addictive and deadly. Birth control implants that cause internal damage. Then, the familiar lawsuits against… read more

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