Defective Medical Devices

ParaGard IUD May Cause Disruption in Microbiota, Lead to Serious Infections

Many women have chosen the ParaGard IUD because they believe that a copper IUD is better than hormonal birth control. However, some women have experienced severe injuries and complications from using the copper IUD. Numerous ParaGard IUD lawsuits have been filed alleging injuries ranging from infertility and uterine scarring to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and… read more

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Proton Pump Inhibitors May Cause Pneumonia in Elderly Patients

For decades, studies have shown that long-term use of proton pump inhibitors is associated with an increased risk of kidney injuries. Thousands of PPI users have filed lawsuits against drug companies for failing to warn them about the risk. They argue that they could have opted for a different heartburn medication if they knew PPIs… read more

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FDA Announces New Rules for Controversial 510(k) Clearance Process

The FDA has strict safety testing requirements for pharmaceutical drugs. Medications must be put through a series of clinical trials before they can be approved to be sold in the United States. You may think that the FDA has similar testing requirements for medical devices. The answer may surprise you. While rigid testing requirements for… read more

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