Public outrage against C.R. Bard is mounting. The medical device manufacturer is currently facing thousands of hernia mesh injury lawsuits in state and federal courts across the nation. The majority of these lawsuits have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Southern District of Ohio. New court filings reveal that between 80 and 100 new Bard hernia mesh lawsuits are filed every week.

Bard MDL Continues to Grow

The Bard hernia mesh lawsuits more or less claim the same things:

Since the plaintiffs in these cases are making very similar claims, it doesn’t make sense to have thousands of lawsuit tried in different courts before different judges. Doing so would likely yield widely varied results. To avoid this, the cases have been merged together to be heard before a single federal judge.

Benefits of Bard MDL Will Extend to New Plaintiffs

There are several benefits of an MDL. Multidistrict litigation:

The benefits of an MDL aren’t just limited to the original plaintiffs. Others who wish to file similar lawsuits after the MDL is created can join in. These plaintiffs can enjoy the benefits of discovery, depositions, or evidence gathered for the benefit of the MDL.

Bard Hernia Mesh Victims Can Join Ohio MDL

C.R. Bard is a leading manufacturer of hernia mesh medical devices. Unfortunately, the company uses materials that may ultimately do more harm than good. Bard devices are known to migrate, shift, and dissolve after they are implanted.

If you have received a Bard hernia mesh implant, you may be entitled to compensation. This is true even if you haven’t experienced any adverse health events yet. An experienced hernia mesh injury lawyer can outline and explain your legal rights and options. Litigation against Bard is moving forward. If you have a case, you may be able to join in and reap the benefits of the legal action. The first bellwether trials are scheduled to begin in early 2020.